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About Me

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Blackberry always in hand!

Hello! Here you will learn about me and what makes my wild imagination work!
I have been into Bettas for about 13 years now, off and on, and have been a member of the IBC for a great number of those years! I am a member of ABS, IBC, CBC & FBBC! Thats alot of letters! They are all great betta clubs! I finished the 2009-2010 Betta Show Season in 5th Place overall! What an honor that was for me! I am in the middle of moving to Maine at the moment-so the fish have been put on the back burner for a month or so...but I love these fish so much and enjoy showing them..I'll be back in the Spring Season of 2011!!
I have shown my beautiful bettas that I have raised many times and have a BOSF (2001) and RBOSM (2004) BOSM (2010) and many Best Of Variety winners to add to the list! I credit so much of my success in 2010 to Spawn #16-The Pinks!  I continue to raise my bettas and to show them and have had great success! I enjoy lecturing on bettas and spending time with other hobbyists sharing stories and laughing about the crazy things that go on in a fishroom!
I moved from Texas to Connecticut over five years ago to be closer to my family! Though I am not from Connecticut (and I have NO fondness for cold or snow) I have thus made my imagination come to life here as I had in Texas! And now on to South Portland, Maine-new job and new start!
I was raised overseas-Sudan,Pakistan, Nigeria, Thailand, St. Vincent, Ghana, Liberia and Kenya. My father was head of the United Nations Development Program and we traveled just about every two years for his work! Great life with a huge amount of adventure! Made me the free-spirit I am today!
My number one passion (other than bettas) are Tigers. I love the Big Cats and am a proud supporter of Big Cat Rescue. Look for the link to them to learn more or make a tax free donation to their wonderful cause! Adopt a Tiger, People!!
My number 2 passion-CHANEL! The history-the name-the woman herself! No other name can conjure the respect and authority-and I love her for that passion! So, you will see Chanel marks all over the site! :)
Currently, I work in retail, but by profession I am a make up artist and skincare consultant.  Chanel being my Cosmetic of choice! I also do Freelance MakeUp Artistry, Weddings and Fashion Photography work as well. I am costume designer and event planner to add a few more of my talents!
But enough about me, let's talk about you..What do you think of me? HA!

My favorite quote:
"There is only one be able to spend your life in your own way!"
Christopher Morley-Author

"Abby" My friend, Kelly's, beautiful dog!
RIP Abby, Girl! We Love & Miss You!

The latest picture of me...Hm, why is it my nose
always looks crooked?

The Betta Ornaments
I created these beautiful ornaments to give to the ABS members as a Christmas gift! They have gone over so well..I continue to make them and will have them for sale to everyone for the 2010 year!
They are hand made in every way! Watercolor inks and colored pencils bring the brilliance to the fish and extreme glitter and micro jewels add just the right touch! It takes about 5 hours from start to finish to make one and placing every jewel by hand can give you a back ache but the finished products are so worth it!
What will I dream up for Holiday 2010?

The Blue Ornament
Just waiting to be threaded and packaged and mailed off to someones home!

The Purple Ornament
Under Construction!

The Green Ornament
Almost completed..drying out on the table!

The Yellow Ornament
Also in the construction stages....

Me With Q at Cats Wedding
October 2009

Me Speaking Before The NHAS About Bettas
October 2009


Jack Sparrow Ain't Got Nothin On Me!
Halloween 2007

Me with ABS President-Jamie Lee & ABS
Secretary-Matt Gordon

My Christmas Tree! I Love This Holiday!

Myself (Bagging) & ABS President, Jamie Lee,
bagging and boxing the show fish from our Fall Show!

The AstralBetta Club September Meeting Photo
& My Farewell To Connecticut Party!

My Favorite Charity!
Adopt a Big Cat Today!

Friends and Fun and Pure Imagination...those are my lifes blood! Everything I do incorporates some part of that creedo. Bettas are no exception. I name them all, I care and love them...and yes, I even talk to them....ALOT! Who else will listen???? :) My fry are my babies, my juvies are my teens and my adults...well, they need to get a job and move out! But thats another story! I love to show them..I love to sell them and I love to talk bettas with other betta fanciers! Please email me if you like bettas and want to talk. I will respond to your emails and questions!

My Medals
Won At The Texas Convention 2009

Some Views Of My Fishroom