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The Pinks

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This Page is dedicated to my "Pinks"..or called by some, "Salamanders"...or by others "Butterfly's". Whatever you want to call them, they are my biggest line in the fact they produced some spectacular Halfmoon Butterfly males and some truly gorgeous females. The line threw ST & DT in it and the offsrping have done extremely well in the 2010 Spring Show Season with a Best Of Show Award & 2 Best Of Variety Male DT. Quite a few first place, 2nd place and third place finishes mixed in! The females  even swept their class at convention! So, I decided to devote myself to the line and on this page, you will be able to follow along the paths of "The Pinks".

White HM Male. Father of "The Pinks"

Gold Mustard Butterfly HM Female. Mother of "The Pinks".

The Magic Spawn! Who Could Have Known!
Spawn Date: 1/19/2010 Fry Hatched: 1/22/2010

"Buster" relaxing after his Best Of Show win at
The ABS show May 15th, 2010! The life of a Champion!

Best Of Show Male ABS Spring Show 2010 Best Of Variety ST Male ABS Spring Show 2010

BF/HM Female. 1st place winner Multi Females Convention 2010.

"DT" age 3 months! BOV winner & 1st runner up-BOS!

Best Of Variety DT Male ABS Spring Show 2010 First runner up to Best Of Show Male-Buster!

Male Butterfly. His debut will be at Convention 2010.

DT Butterfly/HM female. 3 time 3rd place Patterned DT Female winner!

Butterfly Bi-Color Female. First Place ABS Spring Show, CBS Show & 2010 Convention!

DT Multi BF/HM Male-Multi 4 time BOV winner and multiple 1st place Patterned DT Male!

"Alatri" age 3 months! Who knew he would grow
to be a winner!!

We are sad to announce that on Sunday, April 10th, 2011, Alatri died. The reason is unknown, but he will be sorely missed. He was a wonderful fish and great champion!

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