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On May 31st, 181Bettas will be shut down. We want to thank everyone for their support during our time with bettas. We wish everyone great success and we hope you all find the love and passion to keep going with your betta adventures! Thank you so much!


Betta Believe It!!

An Interview about me was done by the Aguadilla Aquarist Association (AAA) in Puerto Rico by Luis Guzman.
The Aguadilla Aquarist Association (AAA) was founded in 1978 and is the first aquarium organization in Puerto Rico. It has members from around the island, as well as the United States and South America.
To read the interview, click on this link. It is in both English and Spanish! Muchos Gracias, Luis and AAA!!

The Aguadilla Aquarist Association (AAA)

 Orange HM Male out of a
Blue Marble Spawn!
Class A10 -  1st Place
Best Of Variety - Group A -  Halfmoon ST Male
Reserve Best Of Show Male!

Photo taken by Nikki at the GSB Show!
Best Of Variety Winner Halfmoon ST Male-April 2nd, 2011 Golden State Betta Show-Ventura, California

The Famous
Blue Tiger HM Male from Thailand!

Characture done by PCSplendens. Isn't it Great??

Dungi in his embrace! I like this photo!
This spawn produced 3 BOV Shortfin Females and a few 1st/2nd/3rd place winners as well!

My Favorite Male Betta! Black Dragon Butterfly HM Male.

Betta Website Of The Month-
"Mac Auley's
Betta Beauties"
My good friend, Karen Mac Auley, has become in my opinion one of the top betta breeders in the IBC! Her committment to continuing her lines, her dream of creating a "Breed True" Multicolor line, her many successes in the show seasons....make her someone who will inspire you, teach you and remind you why we love these fish so much! Enjoy her site! Click The Photo Below To Visit Karen!


An amazing photo of the betta embrace!

"Tiger Boy"
Bred By Kit Watchara of Bangkok, Thailand