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2010 Fall Show Information

2010 ABS Fall Show Info
2010 Fall Show Results


 The 2011 Spring International
 Betta Show & Auction
 Head Judge:
Apprentice Judges:
Show set-up: Friday (All Day)
Judging: Saturday (8am-?)
Auction Preview: Saturday (Noon)
Auction: Saturday (When Judging is complete)
Banquet: Saturday (After Auction-We hope you all will stay around for our food and hospitality!)
Boxing/Clean Up: Sunday (Box and Bag the show fish & Clean Up Show Site) 
Shipping:  Monday Morning!

Show Chair:


Show Mail In:

Any updates or changes to the show information will be posted at  which also includes Accomodations & Show location directions.


Class or Division Sponsorship:

Have a favorite Division or Class? Want to show everyone that it IS your favorite? Sponsor it at our show. Sponsorship is $10 each class or $15 for each divison. Sponsors recieve a certificate of sponsorship and their name posted on each class or division for which they sponsor. Please remember sponsorship money sent helps ABS to keep doing shows twice a year and also helps ABS with their BETTA Group sponsorship! Thank you! 


Show Fish: Mail-in entries need to arrive no later than 5:00 PM Friday, .  ABS will need to receive your entry form, fees and return postage (if necessary) with your fish. Return postage and entry fees cannot and will not be deducted from auction proceeds. Please provide a return mailing label, empty bags and heat packs (if desired) with your fish.

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED! Please pre-register your fish by emailing your Excel entry form to the show chair ( )   by Wednesday,


Walk Ins: All walk-in fish entries are to arrive by 5 PM Friday,  Please notify the show chair that you will be coming. Walk-in fish must be benched by entrant and re-bagged by the entrant after the show & checked and signed off by ShowChair before leaving show location.  Walk-in entrants MUST pre-register as noted above.


Entry Fees:

$2.00 for Single

 $3.00 for Pairs


Make checks payable to: 

The AstralBetta Society


PayPal IS accepted!

Please send PayPal payments to:


Auction Fish: Auction Only fish sent to the show must arrive by 5 PM Friday, and must be listed on your entry form that is included with your fish. The fish must be marked "Auction Only" or "AO" on the bag and entry form. There is a no limit of Auction-only fish per entrant and there is no limit to how many Show fish you can auction.


Auction Split:

Show Fish for Auction-

75% Seller and 25% ABS

Auction Only -

50% Seller and 50% ABS

Show Results: NO results will be given over the phone. They will be posted early Sunday morning for you to enjoy over your morning coffee! Photos of BOV's & BOS's will be taken by 2 ABS Members for posting on the BetterBettas Board and The AstralBetta Society Website.




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