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2010 ABS Fall Show Info
2010 Fall Show Results

Jack-Parrot HM Male working on his bubblenest!
Jack owned by K. Cavett. Photo by K. Cavett.

These are the movers and the shakers of the Betta World and The IBC!

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In the world, probably no other country can create as much excitement about bettas than Thailand. So, it is with that in mind, we offer the top 10 Thai Breeders and Wholesalers. *These names are not listed in any order, they are all superb breeders!
Danai KengPathomporn-Elegantbetta-Nakhonpathom,Thailand
Narupone Phanavan-Betta_Hero-Bangkok,Thailand
Anusak Srichan-BettaHut-Bangkok, Thailand
Vinita & Cha Tippmul-NiceBettas-Bangkok, Thailand *
Teeruch Poparnich-XmanBettas-Bangkok,Thailand
Sanya-R.Q. Product-Bangkok, Thailand
Rung Keereelang-Banleangbettas-Rayong, Thailand
Natee Ratanapichad-KingGiantBettas-Phatumthani, Thailand

Kit Watchara-AquaStar71-Thailand *

Chalerm Burnum- *

Peurmsak Gomansri (Boat)-GreatBettas-Thailand*

* Indicates Thai Breeders Our Club Works With On A Regular Basis.

ABS only uses Jennifer Vivieros as our official transhipper!

To contact Jennifer for your transhipping needs:





Kit Watchara's Famous "Armegeddon" Plakat Male
Sold for $200 on AquaBid May 2009

Kit Watchara's Famous "Armegeddon" Plakat Male
Sold for $200 on AquaBid May 2009

A Few Photos From Convention 2008! To see who you might be chatting with online!  Thank you to Mark Denaro (Former IBC President) for allowing us the use of these photos!

Mark Denaro Casting Nets In Peru!
Former Mr IBC President!

Jennifer LaPello and Kurt Bihlmayer
Jennifer is the current IBC President.

I Predict A Spawning In My Future! Am I Right?

ABS Club Member-Bren Bataclan
Hundreds of people around the globe are smiling more often now and have been given hope in these hard times by Fil-Am artist Bren Bataclan. Often referred to as the "smile artist," Bataclan has left paintings in hospitals, parks, street corners, train stations, unemployment agencies, schools and airports around San Francisco, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Alaska, Japan, Antarctica and across the globe. Each painting has a note attached to it that made people smile or gave them hope.

"Many people don’t go to museums and galleries to appreciate art. Most don’t have an opportunity to own art. So, I thought of giving my paintings away, in exchange for a smile" said Bren, who left his paintings in various locations around Boston with notes saying "This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often."

Bren left his cheery acrylic paintings in parks, benches, libraries, train stations, street corners, and before long, his "Smile Project" has spread all around. Boston Magazine found one of his paintings and featured his story. Soon, Bataclan’s unique and generous endeavor caught the attention of other major media channels such as ABC 7, Smithsonian Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Asian Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, Asian Week etc. His work was also published into a 128-paged book by Gingko Press.

A documentary on his Smile Boston Project documentary was done and won the "Best Short Documentary" award at the Woods Hole Film Festival last year. The film was also shown in the Newburyport, New Hampshire, Northampton Film Festivals (Best Regional Film), the Chicago Filmmakers Art Docs Series, and in the European Social Forum in Malmö, Sweden.

When the recession hit the country last year, Bren decided to change the note on his paintings. "Everything will be alright" notes were attached to his paintings which featured a character which has one big and one small eye wearing a grin. It’s his way of boosting morale in these hard economic times.

Since he started over five years ago, Bataclan has given away over 400 free paintings in 20 cities and 20 countries. He has been commissioned to do murals in schools, parks, hospitals, showrooms, and even designed a colorful patch for the Spread the Bread campaign in the US.

Bren has certainly showed the world how an act of kindness can make a difference in the lives of people across the globe. So, if you see a colorful painting propped against a bench or leaning by the side of a wall, hurry and grab it. Smile and hope. Everything will be alright!

Article taken fro the Asian Journal The Filipino-American Newspaper

Monday, 28th December, 2009

*Currently, we are searching for the photos of the Betta People out there! If you know or have photos of the top breeders and or local IBC members, please email them to us at:

Because a face is worth more than a name, we ask for the photos and credits of each of the people. This way, all betta lovers can actually put the face, with the name! Thanks!

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